Wednesday, April 9, 2014


More than 4 months living in Jakarta, I realized I’ve become more and more in touch with my self. I simply wake up every morning, drink a cup of tea, do whatever I want and I’m happier.

But most of all, what I appreciate most from living in Jakarta is the fact that I can get connected with my self again. I feel like I’m getting to know Carina better and better everyday. What she feels. What she wants. What she desires. What she likes and dislikes. She’s not a stranger anymore. I love her.

I let myself feel and experience things more. I judge less. I whine less. I complain less.

I laugh more.

I cry more.

I love more.

And life’s never been this beautiful :)


Salam, apa kabar dek? Sambung kuliah lagi atau kerja dek di Jakarta?

wa'alaikumsalam kak. alhamdulillah kabar baik kak. lagi kursus ni di jkt. kakak sudah di sydney lagi ya? semangat ya :)

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